Cameron Parish is a natural gem of the Gulf Coast with peaceful marshlands, gorgeous beaches, and the chance to truly connect with nature. The landscape of waterways provides some of the greatest freshwater and saltwater fishing you can find!

Cameron Parish is home to the incredible Creole Nature Trail. It is a perfect opportunity for spotting alligators, over 400 bird species, and other wildlife.

Explore all of the different experiences Cameron Parish has to offer and get ready to enjoy yourself.


Attractions for Cameron Parish are listed below. Make sure to visit the Recreational Areas and Parks pages for additional local recreation areas.

Beaches & Shelling

Cameron Parish is home to more than 26 miles of natural Gulf Coast beaches. Easily accessible, the Cameron Parish beaches are great for shelling, swimming, fishing, birding and sun bathing. Since the beaches are located west of the Mississippi delta, deposits from the Mississippi River make for exceptional shelling, especially during low tide and after severe weather.

Bird Watching

Birding in Cameron Parish is truly extraordinary. In any given year, over 400 different species of birds can be spotted in this southeast corner of Sportsman’s Paradise. The coastal marshlands and chenier ridges host migratory birds, waterfowl and wading birds.

Keep your eye out for hawks and osprey in the fall and winter months and look for neo-tropical migrants, such as warblers, vireo and flycatchers in the spring and fall. Whether you’re an expert or novice, birding in Cameron Parish is an experience you can’t miss.

Charter Fishing

Local charter fishing guides provide inland, offshore and night fishing. Intimately familiar with the waterways, seasons and tidal idiosyncrasies of the area, these experienced and licensed guides can assist in making the most of your fishing experience.


May to September is the prime crabbing time in Cameron Parish. Stop by a local store and pick up some thick string, good bait – turkey necks, chicken necks, cut fish or meat chunks – a dip net and bucket or ice chest. Tie your bait to the end of the string, toss into the water and wait for a slight tug. Slowly pull in your line and be ready to scoop up your crab!

Fishing / Boating

Cameron Parish offers excellent saltwater and freshwater fishing. With 619 square miles of water, the locations to go fishing are endless. Surf fishing is excellent along the miles of beaches on the Louisiana coast and state records are often set by those fishing from boats in Cameron Parish.

Everyone must possess a valid recreational license for freshwater fishing, while saltwater fishing requires both a saltwater and freshwater fishing license. For more information on fishing licenses click here(link is external).

Don’t have a boat? Not a problem. Below are a few of top spots where you can fish from dry land!

Hunting Lodges

Located in the middle of the Central and Mississippi Flyways, Cameron Parish attracts millions of waterfowl birds during the fall and winter months. Hunters can expect to see a variety of birds including snows, blues, speckle belly and Canadian geese, as well as mallards, pintails and teal ducks. Public hunting is permitted in Sabine National Wildlife Refuge (see website for details). Professional hunting guides and lodges are also available in the parish.

Recreational Areas

With seemingly endless marshlands, easy access to waterways and more wildlife than you can take in at a glance, Cameron Parish is the place to enjoy the outdoors. Visit a recreational area to explore, camp, sightsee or fish.

Wildlife Refuges

Established in 1903, the National Wildlife Refuge System has grown to include more than 150 million acres, 553 national wildlife refuges and 38 wetland management districts. The four wildlife refuges in Cameron Parish provide great fishing, exploring, hunting and relaxation for visitors.